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This Blog will be about the decade of 1980 and the hobby of collecting baseball cards, mainly Chicago Cubs. Most of the modern day cards are inexpensive unlike vintage baseball it will be much easier to collect the different sets. So we will start off with 80 Topps and end with 89 Upper Deck with thousands of cards in-between. Highlight of this era is 83 Sandberg Rookie

Thursday, August 4, 2011

1989 Upper Deck

In 1989, Upper Deck released a set of baseball cards that revolutionized the sports card market forever. The Upper Deck cards were enclosed in a foil package, which helped protect the cards.

Number of Cards

1989 Upper Deck has 800 cards

Size of Cards

The size of the cards are 2 ½ x 3 ½

Basic Features

This attractive 800-card standard-size set used printing technology never before used on sports cards. The car fronts feature a player photograph framed by a white border. A vertical brown and green drawing of the runners lane from home plate to first base is located along the right margin. Backs carry full color action poses that fill the card back except for a compact, yet complete, statistics chart. The back also contains a holograph diamond near the bottom center used to help prevent counterfeiting.

The first 26 cards feature Star Rookies. The set also contains 26 special portrait cards with the team checklist on the back know as Collector's Choice art cards (CC), Major 1988 Award Winners (AW), MVPs from each League (MVP) and World Series (WS), Playoff MVPs (PL) The last 100 cards or high series (701-800) feature rookies and traded players and was released midway through the season.

Short Prints

High Series (701-800)

Errors And Variations

321 Gary Varsho A back photo of Mike Bielecki  batting right
321 Gary Varsho B Correct photo in road uniform batting left

Cubs Team Set

Number Player
6 Rolando Roomes
10 Doug Dascenzo
14 Mike Harkey RC
61 Frank DiPino
63 Jamie Moyer
65 Mitch Webster
82 Calvin Schiraldi
84 Les Lancaster
107 Shawon Dunston
120 Ryne Sandberg
127 Manny Trillo
140 Mark Grace
148 Jody Davis
205 Andre Dawson
214 Darrin Jackson
222 Angel Salazar
235 Rafael Palmeiro
241 Greg Maddux
303 Rick Sutcliffe
321 A Gary VarshoERR
321 B Gary Varsho COR
324 Drew Hall
342 Scott Sanderson
345 Pat Perry
452 Goose Gossage
455 Damon Berryhill
473 Vance Law
491 Jeff Pico
494 Al Nipper
675 Ryne Sandberg TC
762 Kevin Blankenship
765 Jerome Walton RC
776 Joe Girardi RC
778 Mitch Williams
780 Dwight Smith RC
797 Paul Kilgus
799 Steve Wilson

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