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This Blog will be about the decade of 1980 and the hobby of collecting baseball cards, mainly Chicago Cubs. Most of the modern day cards are inexpensive unlike vintage baseball it will be much easier to collect the different sets. So we will start off with 80 Topps and end with 89 Upper Deck with thousands of cards in-between. Highlight of this era is 83 Sandberg Rookie

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

1984 Donruss

1984 Donruss contains 660 cards including 7 unnumbered checklists. This set has since grown in stature to be recognized as one of the finest produced in the 1980's. Donruss changed the front of their design however the Donruss logo and year are still included. The players name and position are located inside a colored box along the bottom. The players team is located near the bottom and is inside a swooshing set of pinstripes to connect with the Donruss logo and both sides of the card. The backs are printed on green and white and are identical to the previous years with stats, career highlights and contract status.

The first 26 cards of the set are part of the Diamond Kings (DK) subset and each one of the Diamond King cards can be found in 2 variations. A new feature, cards (27-46) are part of the Rated Rookie (RR) subset. These cards were issued in packs that contained 3 puzzle pieces that make up a Duke Snider puzzle.

Number Player
5 Leon Durham DK
41 Joe Carter RC
67 Leon Durham
76 Chuck Rainey
117 Bill Buckner
144 Gary Woods
167 Scot Thompson
189 Fergie Jenkins
198 Steve Lake
239 Larry Bowa
266 Dickie Noles
289 Lee Smith
311 Ryne Sandberg
320 Mike Proly
361 Ron Cey
388 Craig Lefferts RC
411 Mel Hall
433 Jody Davis
442 Warren Brusstar
483 Keith Moreland
510 Dick Ruthven
533 Steve Trout
540 Jay Johnstone
555 Bill Campbell
623 Carmelo Martinez

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