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This Blog will be about the decade of 1980 and the hobby of collecting baseball cards, mainly Chicago Cubs. Most of the modern day cards are inexpensive unlike vintage baseball it will be much easier to collect the different sets. So we will start off with 80 Topps and end with 89 Upper Deck with thousands of cards in-between. Highlight of this era is 83 Sandberg Rookie

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

1986 Big League Chew Cubs Checklist

Number of Cards

Big League Chew had 12 cards in 1986, one of which was a Cubs player.

Size of Cards

The standard-sized cards are the following dimensions: 2-1/2" by 3-1/2"

Basic Features

The cards were inserted in the packages of Big League Chew gum,one per pouch which were shaped and styled after a pouch of chewing tobacco. also were available through a mail-in offer of two coupons and $2.00 for a complete set. Each player in this featured set is a member of the 500 career home run club and is subtitled "Home Run Legends." The front of each card has a shot of the player and also shows the year inside a small flag; that player has passed 500 homers. The backs are printed in blue ink on white card stock, which has the normal bio and a great blurb about their careers. I'm a big fan of this set and love the classy photo of Banks at Wrigley in his hayday. It's worth hunting this classic down.

Chicago Cubs 1986 Quaker Chewy Granola Checklist

Number Player
9 Ernie Banks

Chewing Gum Wrapper

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