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This Blog will be about the decade of 1980 and the hobby of collecting baseball cards, mainly Chicago Cubs. Most of the modern day cards are inexpensive unlike vintage baseball it will be much easier to collect the different sets. So we will start off with 80 Topps and end with 89 Upper Deck with thousands of cards in-between. Highlight of this era is 83 Sandberg Rookie

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1986 Fleer

The 1986 Fleer set consists of 660-card standard-size cards. The card fronts feature a color player photograph surrounded by a dark blue border (resulting in extremely condition sensitive cards commonly found with chipped edges). The players name is inside and oval color bar located along the bottom with the players position just under the players name. The player cards are alphabetized within team and the teams are ordered by their 1985 season finish and won-lost record. The team logo is located at the bottom along side the players name. The backs do not have the black and white player photograph as in previous years. The backs include player bio and stats information and are printed in black and yellow on white card stock.

Subsets include Highlight cards (HL) cards 626-643, Major League Prospects (MLP) cards 644-653 and Team Checklists (CL). This set was issued with team logo stickers.

Fleer Chicago Cubs Checklist

Number Player
361 Thad Bosley
362 Warren Brusstar
363 Ron Cey
364 Jody Davis
365 Bob Dernier
366 Shawon Dunston
367 Leon Durham
368 Dennis Eckersley
369 Ray Fontenot
370 George Frazier
371 Billy Hatcher
372 Dave Lopes
373 Gary Matthews
374 Ron Meridith
375 Keith Moreland
376 Reggie Patterson
377 Dick Ruthven
378 Ryne Sandberg
379 Scott Sanderson
380 Lee Smith
381 Lary Sorensen
382 Chris Speier
383 Rick Sutcliffe
384 Steve Trout
385 Gary Woods

Fleer Update Chicago Cubs Checklist

Number Player
7 Jay Baller
43 Terry Francona
51 Guy Hoffman
79 Jerry Mumphrey
120 Manny Trillo

1986 Fleer Star Stickers Chicago Cubs Checklist

Fleer Star Stickers is a 132-sticker collection. Unlike in previous years, Fleer did not produce an album. These standard sized cards are also stickers and have backs with complete stats that look like real cards.
Number Player
30 Jody Davis
34 Shawon Dunston
35 Leon Durham
78 Keith Moreland
106 Ryne Sandberg
112 Lee Smith

1986 Fleer League Leaders Chicago Cubs Checklist

This 44-card standard-size set is also sometimes referred to as the Walgreen's set as they were sold there .
Number Player
11 Leon Durham
25 Keith Moreland
39 Ryne Sandberg
41 Lee Smith

1986 Fleer Limited Edition Chicago Cubs Checklist

The 44-card boxed standard-size set was produced by Fleer for McCrory's. The cards have green and yellow borders. Card backs are printed in red and black on white card stock. The back of the original box gives a complete checklist of the players in the set. The set box also contains six logo stickers
Number Player
40 Ryne Sandberg
42 Lee Smith

1986 Fleer Sluggers/Pitchers Chicago Cubs Checklist

Fleer produced this 44-card boxed standard-size set that features 22 sluggers and 22 pitchers and is subtitled "Baseball's Best".
Number Player
32 Ryne Sandberg
39 Rick Sutcliffe


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