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This Blog will be about the decade of 1980 and the hobby of collecting baseball cards, mainly Chicago Cubs. Most of the modern day cards are inexpensive unlike vintage baseball it will be much easier to collect the different sets. So we will start off with 80 Topps and end with 89 Upper Deck with thousands of cards in-between. Highlight of this era is 83 Sandberg Rookie

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1988 Topps

Number of Cards

1988 Topps has 792 cards

Size of Cards

The size of the cards are 2 ½ x 3 ½

Basic Features

Topps features a real clean, simple design. The card fronts have an actino photo with the Team Name located at the top in Large Letters. The players name is along the botton right corner in a diagonal corner strip. The Topps logo is located at the bottom left and the players position is omitted again this year. The card backs contain the typical player stats, highlights and biographical information. The card backs have black ink printed on grey and orange cardboard. Many of the card backs contain a new feature titled "This way to the Clubhouse", which explains how the player joined his current team. 

Cubs Team Set

Number Player
10  Ryne Sandberg
36  Jamie Moyer
65  Leon Durham
87  Mike Mason
112  Les Lancaster
136  Brian Dayett
171  Cubs TL Dunston /Trillo
186  Rafael Palmeiro
211  Frank DiPino
240  Lee Smith
262  Drew Hall
287  Manny Trillo
311  Scott Sanderson
336  Ed Lynch
361  Greg Maddux
401  Andre Dawson AS
416  Keith Moreland
439  Dave Martinez
466  Jerry Mumphrey
500  Andre Dawson
516  Jim Sundberg
542  Paul Noce
564  Frank Lucchesi MG
593  Bob Tewksbury
615  Jody Davis
642  Bob Dernier
667  Luis Quinones
695  Shawon Dunston
717  Jay Baller
740  Rick Sutcliffe
768  Dickie Noles

Topps Traded Cubs Checklist

Number Player
15T  Damon Berryhill
41T  Rich Gossage
42T  Mark Grace
56T  Darrin Jackson
60T  Vance Law
75T  Al Nipper
87T  Jeff Pico
104T  Calvin Schiraldi
131T  Don Zimmer MG